G-20 Summit: Delegates will reach Agartala on 2nd April

G 20 delegates will reach Agartala on 2nd April, 2023 for the Science conclave for “Clean Energy for a Green Future” i.e.  to be held in Tripura at Hapania fair ground on 3rd April, 2023. “Clean energy for a Green Future” is the theme of the Science Event.

As per the press note, the G – 20 delegates are expected to visit Albert Ekka Park, Neermahal Palace, Sepahijala Wildlife Santuary, Purbasha and Oxygen Park.  The State Administration has taken number of initiatives to beautify the city for welcoming the G – 20 delegates. Some of the works include installing the statue of S. D. Barman at Albert Ekka Park, beautification at Albert Ekka Park, construction of musical fountain at Kumaritila and beautifying the Ujjayanta Palace and Neermahal Palace. The light and sound show has been set-up at two locations is at Ujjayanta Palace and at Neermahal Palace. City branding of Agartala and Sepahijala has been undertaken with improvement of roads and footpaths also.  4 (four) balloons at various locations are being installed. . At Neermahal ramps have been made using traditional saal wood. The cleaning of the lake as well as deploying 4 (four) new speed boats is an attraction that would showcase Tripura on a global platform as a preferred location for the tourist to visit in the future.

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