‘Ek Tripura Srestha Tripura’ not possible without Tiprasas: Pradyot

The former chairman of the opposition TIPRA Motha party in Tripura – Pradyot Kishore Deb Burman on Friday announced that his party will for a day long ‘bandh’ in the state to press their demand of ‘Greater Tipraland’ and constitutional solution for the indigenous tribes of the state.

Although Pradyot did not mention the further schedule of the state-wide ‘bandh’, but he said that the strike is to put pressure on the Government of India about their demand.

“I believe that the Government of India is positive towards our demand, but unless we put pressure on them, the government will not take us seriously,” he told reporters.

Pradyot blamed the ruling BJP-led coalition government in Tripura and said, “The BJP government in Tripura has failed to implement their pre-poll promises made for the indigenous people of our state.”

“Although the government here is slogging for Ek Tripura Srestha Tripura, it is not possible without the development of our Tiprasas,” he added.  

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