Assam Government launches 'Gunotsav 2024' to evaluate performance of 40 lakh students of government schools

Assam Government launches 'Gunotsav 2024' a comprehensive state-wide assessment aimed at evaluating the performance of approximately 40 lakh students of 43,498 government schools spread across 35 districts.

Gunotsav, an initiative of the Government of Assam, is covering all government Elementary and Secondary schools in the state.  To facilitate the assessment process, a total of 18,098 external evaluators deployed throughout the State.  This diverse group of evaluators will include the chief minister, MLAs, the chief secretary, and college teachers, Government Officers among others to visit schools as external evaluators.

The exercise, which began yesterday, will conclude on February 8 in three phases. The first phase covering 12 districts from January 3 to 6, the second phase involving 13 districts from January 10 to 12, and the final phase comprising the remaining 10 districts scheduled from February 6 to 8.

'Gunotsav' encourages the active participation of all stakeholders, including teachers, students, administrators, and local communities. The engagement of these key players is expected to foster accountability and contribute to the overall enhancement of the quality of education.

Ranoj Pegu, Minister for Education, Government of Assam said that the 'Gunotsav 2024' will identify learning gaps in each child and ensure quality education with grade-specific outcomes. Additionally, the assessment will evaluate schools' performance across various domains, including scholastic and co-scholastic aspects, infrastructure availability and utilization, and community participation. 'Gunotsav' was first organized in 2017.

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