8 NLFT militants surrenders separately with weapons in Tripura

At least 8 militants of the banned outfit National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT) on Monday surrendered separately with weapons before the Tripura police and BSF.

Five NLFT militants of PD faction identified as 33 years old Netajoy Reang of Bagichandra para, 36 years old Mohonda Reang of Monacherra, 27 years old Sukumar Reang of Khashithai para, 20 years old Kiranjit Reang of Plaster, and another 26 years old Bishnuram Reang of Manikrai para, all from North Tripura district surrendered before the police on Monday in presence of DIGP (Intelligence) Krishnendu Chakraborty here at Agartala.

According to the press communique of the Tripura Police, the militants surrendered with weapons including 1 Chinese Pistol, 2 rifles, 17 live rounds, 10 70mm-shotgun shells and 1 walkie-talkie with charging adaptor. They also surrendered their extortion notice along with Bangladesh currency and Bangladesh sim cards. 

This group of NLFT(PD) has been operationally very active across the fence in Bangladesh, said police, adding that so far, 26 active members of NLFT surrendered before Tripura Police and security forces. During the period, 8 cadres of NLFT have been arrested by Tripura Police.

On the other hand, another three NLFT militants surrendered before the BSF on Monday in the area of Border out post (BOP) Manoranjan in Dhalai district.

According to the press communique of the BSF, the surrendered militants were identified as 28 years old Mani Ranjan Tripura of Rajendra Roaja Para, 38 years old Chintajay Tripura of Bidhya Kumar Roaja Para and another 28 years old Raban Joy Tripura of Bidhya Kumar Roaja Para.  

The surrendered insurgent Mani Ranjan Tripura joined NLFT (BM) outfit in the month of March 2023, Chintajay Tripura joined NLBT (BM) outfit in the month of April 2023 and Raban Joy Tripura  jouinted NLFT(BM) outfit in the month of Dec 2023, the press communique stated.

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