Ten persons killed in private party booked railway coach fire at Madurai in Tamilnadu

In Tamilnadu, ten persons were killed and seven injured in a fire which broke out in a private party booked railway coach stabled at Madurai Yard at 5.15 am today. A total of 65 passengers of a private party were travelling from Lucknow to Rameswaram and were on their way back when the incident occurred.

The train arrived at Madurai and the party coach was detached and parked at Madurai Stabling line for further travel. According to the officials, the passengers had used the illegally smuggled cooking gas cylinders unauthorisedly for preparing tea and snacks which caused the fire.

Most of the passengers jumped out of the party coach on noticing the fire. Some were already on the railway platform. Immediately fire tenders were called and the fire was put off by seven a.m. Officials said that there was no damage to any other coach. Seven passengers who were injured were shifted to the hospital immediately. An ex gratia of 10 lakh rupees has been announced for the families of the deceased. A detailed investigation has been ordered.

The dean of the Madurai Government Hospital said that the bodies were kept in the mortuary for identification and further procedures. The Southern Railway has set up two helplines following today's incident - 9360552608 AND 8015681915.

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