GI tag for Tripura’s traditional ‘Rignai Pachra’ – indigenous attire, Pera of Tripura Sundari Temple

Tripura’s renowned and popular ‘Pera’ (Sweet prasad) of Tripurasundari temple and ‘Rignai Pachra’ – the traditional attire of the indigenous community of the state got the tag of Geographical Identification (GI) Tag.

Chief Minister Dr Manik Saha announced this on Sunday and said that this time GI Tag has been awarded to the Prasad 'Pera' of Tripurasundari Temple and 'Rignai/Pachra' of the indigenous mothers.

“I extend my best wishes and congratulations to the mother power of these two cooperative associations Matabari Women Cluster Level Multipurpose Cooperative Association Limited and Killa Dewanbari Women Cluster Multipurpose Cooperative Association Limited for this special achievement,” Dr Saha said on his social media handle.

He said, “I applaud them for gaining self-reliance by self-help teams as well as giving special introduction to the state in the world.”

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