‘Mega Mass gathering’ of Tipra Motha in Agartala on Saturday: Tripura

Agartala: Nov 12: The regional party of Tripura, Tipra Motha held a mega gathering at Vivekananda Maidan today demanding for Greater Tipraland. Tipra Motha supremo Pradyot Kishore Deb Barman along with party leaders and Footballer Baichung Bhutia present in todays gathering. Addressing to the gathering Pradyot said “For the last seventy years, indigenous people of the state have been ignored, neglected and suffered. In our own land, our people are begging mercy of the political parties in power.

 This should not be the scene. I challenge the national parties of the state, if they can let them prove their strength in front of my party”. He futher said “The law and order of the state is in danger. Democracy is in peril. Incidents like rape have become a regular phenomenon. And, they (BJP) say the Maharaja is doing communal politics.”

Pradyot criticized former government also nad said“Manik Babu was in power for 25 long years. The national media gave him wide publicity for being the poor Chief Minister of the country who does not even have his own house. Go and see the living conditions of poor Tiprasa people. They are somehow managing in shabby thatched Kutcha houses. What did he do for us?,he claimed.

Hamro Sikkim Party leader and former National Football team captain Baichung Bhutia also attended the rally. He said, “I have also founded a regional party in Sikkim. The regional parties play a crucial role in raising the demand of the public on a national level. Parties like us stand firm with the public in all critical conditions and never betray the people who give us love and support”.

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