CM Dr. Manik Saha receives ‘Amrit Kalash’ from blocks, panchayats; says it reignites patriotism

Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha on Wednesday attended a state level programme on Meri Maati Mera Desh here at Agartala New Capital Complex and said that the initiative reignites patriotism and pays tribute to the valiant individuals who sacrificed their lives for the nation.

Tripura along with the rest of the nation joined the campaign to honor the nation’s heroes through various programs held at the village and block levels involving the collection of soil from every corner of the state to serve ‘Amrit Vatika’ in Delhi as a symbol of the commitment towards achieving the goal of ‘Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat’.

Attending the event the Chief Minister led a pledge to uphold the ideals of Panch Pran, which include fostering national development, eradicating the mindset of subservience, embracing the rich heritage of the country, promoting unity and solidarity, fulfilling civic duties, and showing respect to the defenders of the nation.

Around 19 volunteers will leave for Delhi by train October 25 carrying 58 Amrit Kalash.

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