UCO Bank employee Surajit Mallik accused of fraudulent activities

Serious allegations are against UCO Bank employee Surajit Mallik over his alleged involvement in a fraud on mis-selling of life insurance from customer. A t the time of this fraud of mis-selling of life insurance from customer Surajit Mallik was the Manager of UCO Bank Chandrapur branch, Dharmanagar but now he has been transferred somewhere else. Till date no action has taken against him.

In this regard UCO Bank Agartala Zonal Office sent a letter to Surajit Mallik dated 09/12/2022 regarding discrepancies found in loan documents. Another complaint was sent to the Chief Vigilance Officer dated 12/05/2023. As per the complaint, Surajit Mallik the then Manager of UCO Bank Chandrapur branch, Dharmanagar has committed a fraud by mis-selling of life insurance from customer by opening a loan account without her consent. On 03/03/2022 Surajit Mallik has opened a loan account (25200610007976) in the name of Sushmita Sharma, without the consent of customer and disbursed an amount of Rs 1,40,000/- to her savings Account no 25200110071595. He again transferred the amount (Rs 1,40,000/-) to savings account no 25200110044654 (Account Holder name: Paplo Goswami). From the account of Paploo Goswami SBI life insurance policy was initiated on 04.03.2022 and Policy no is 2K420658210. The customer whose loan has been opened without consent has recently complained to Branch Manager Uco Bank Chandrapur branch, when the customer came to know that Rs.1,40,000/- was deducted as SBI LIFE Policy for Paplo Goswami and she lodged her complaint but inspite of conducting a unbiased inquiry, the Zonal Manager of Agartala Zone. Raju Das has given the blame on SBI Life Insurance Corporation for mis- seiling of insurance and providing safe guard to Surajit Mallick from his fraudulent activity in loan accounts and other financial matters.

An inquiry report has been sent to head office mentioning that the incident is a case of mis-selling and Raju Das Zonal Manger with the help of Scale Three officer of Zonal Office Agartala provided false Information regarding the complaint raised against Surajit Mallick. He fraudulently opened loan account and disbursed it to third party account for achiving SBI LIFE insurance target.

Just to achieve targets mis-selling and fraudulent transactions in banking sector are increasing day by day and due to such corrupt practices as mentioned above Bank as well as insurance companies reputation are getting damaged.  An independent inquiry should be conducted as many questions remain unanswered.


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