‘TIPRA Motha working to contest in 45 seats, not to split votes’: Pradyot

At a time when the ruling BJP party is confident of winning big in the upcoming assembly election and the opposition CPI(M) and the Congress Party is leaving no stone unturned to contest the election in a joint venture to defeat the BJP, the TIPRA Motha party is gaining the poll ground, as the Motha chief Pradyot Kishore Manikya Tuesday announced to contest in 40-45 seats.

As many as 2000 voters from 145 different families including a large section of non-tribals on Tuesday joined the TIPRA Motha party. Son of former education minister Anil Sarkar, Abhijit Sarkar joined, BJP Kisan Morcha state committee secretary Tapan Sinha joined Motha.  

Welcoming the newly joined voters into his party, Pradyot on Tuesday addressed a press conference and said, “The TIPRA Motha is a party with difference and is ready to field both tribals and non-tribals for contesting the ensuing election.”

“We have planned to contest in 40 to 45 seats. We are still working and ensuring there is no split in votes. I am not here to field candidates to split votes like others do. We are here to win and also here to ensure the wrong elements are stopped. I am not giving any candidates where chances of losing are high,” he told reporters.

He said, “During the 75 years, people of Tripura never saw legitimate or credible regional parties like TIPRA Motha. If parties like Shiv Sena, Trinamool Party, DMK, NPP, and MNF can come into the national politics then why not from Tripura?”

Meanwhile, he said, “Many people termed us as communal but I want to say that with Tiprasa people the non-tribal people will also get tickets to contest the election. Tipra Motha is a separate party and we never do cheap politics.”

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