PM Narendra Modi says he is anguished over the incidence of violence against women in Manipur; Assures guilty will not be spared

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asserted that the law will take its course with all its might and no guilty will be spared in the Manipur women brutality incident. He said, his heart is filled with pain and anger adding that the incident is shameful for any civilised society. Mr. Modi was addressing the media at Parliament House Complex ahead of the Monsoon session of Parliament today.

 The Prime Minister said, the incident of Manipur has put 140 crore Indians to shame and assured that the accused will not be spared. He urged all the Chief Ministers to strengthen law and order in their states to check the violence against the women. The Prime Minister's response came after a video appeared on the social media in which two women are being paraded naked by a group of men in Manipur. Talking about the Parliament Session, the Prime Minister expressed confidence that MPs will fully utilise the session in people's interest.

 He called for fruitful discussions on Bills. Mr. Modi added that this  session holds much significance for the bills introduced in this session are directly connected to the public interest. He said the Data Protection Bill is going to be  introduced at a time when  India's youth is leading the digital world gives a new sense of faith to people and raises the stature of India before the world. Mr. Modi said the discussion plays a significant role underlining that the sharper the discussion, the better the decisions are made that give far-reaching results in the public interest.

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