Bangladesh Supreme Court orders Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus to pay Taka 12 crore tax

In Bangladesh, the appellate division of the Supreme Court on Sunday ordered Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus to pay 12 crore Taka tax.

Dr. Yunus has donated money to three of his own trusts namely: Dr. Mohammad Yunus Trust, Yunus Family Trust, And Yunus Centre Trust. Income Tax Authorities in Bangladesh imposed a tax on Money donated to these three trusts.

Dr. Yunus went to High Court against the action of Income Tax Authorities but a High Court verdict upheld the action of Income Tax Authorities.

The Nobel Laureate challenged a High Court verdict that justified the validity of the Income-tax authority's imposition of tax on money donated to three trusts. The Appellate Division bench, headed by Chief Justice Siddique, heard the appeal submitted by Dr Yunus against a High Court verdict and passed an order against Dr Yunus to pay 12 core Taka tax to the government.

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