CPI(M) concerns over 'delay' in declaration of poll result

Soon after the declaration of the result of the polling to 60-assembly constituencies of the state of Tripura, the opposition CPI(M) party on Thursday smelled conspiracy over ‘delay’ in voting on February 16 and declaration of poll results on Thursday.

The CPI(M) party in its press communique on Thursday stated, “It was undesirable with the delay of publication of poll results just as the polling was delayed.”

“Just as the final result was declared, it shows that the BJP along with its ally IPFT managed to secure a majority by a narrow margin of seats. BJP has used unimaginable financial power to make this possible,” the press communique reads.

The CPI(M) however thanked the voters, who casted vote for the anti-BJP candidates in this election and stated, “In the face of five long years of one-party dictatorship and fascist terror-rule, the CPI(M) party congratulate all the supporters and well-wishers of the party who have played an important role in this electoral struggle to restore democracy, peace and harmony and the rule of law.”

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