Tripura Govt proposes Rs 9,066.56 fund to ensure uninterrupted developmental works

The second term of the BJP-led coalition government in Tripura on Monday proposed for Rs. 9,066.56 crore as a vote on account to ensure uninterrupted development works in the state for the next four months. The fund is proposed till the full-fledged budget for the new financial year is tabled, said finance minister Pranajit Singha Roy.

Talking to the reporters regarding the ongoing 13th assembly session, the minister said that a supplementary grants of Rs 3,065.37 crore as per custom on the first day of the assembly session on March 24 last so as to adjust additional expenditure incurred in the last financial year above the budget estimates of Rs 26,892.67 crore.

The finance minister added that the estimates for the vote on account were prepared by calculating four months’ equivalent of the last budget estimate and by adding Rs 100 crore additional funds to it.

Meanwhile, Roy on Monday said that the state government has invested and worked heavily on IT and skill development fronts to match Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s focus on digitization and skill development in addition to the key sectors like rural development, power, PWD, social welfare and social education etc.

He however informed that the government shall prepare the full-fledged budget by next three months and place it before the Assembly.

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