Tripura showed red card to ‘chanda’ & ‘jhanda’; wants government with absolute majority: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said that the people of Tripura had shown red card to the ‘Chanda’ and ‘Jhanda’ company and announced to establish government of ‘Saabka Saath Saab Ka Vikas’ and a government with absolute majority.

On his second campaign for the BJP party in Tripura for the ensuing assembly election, the Prime Minister Modi heaped praise on the double-engine government in Tripura and claimed, “People of Tripura are in favour of double-engine government as they have seen real development during the past five years.”

“Every families in the state of Tripura had received the benefits of the policies of the double-engine government in the past five years,” he claimed adding that efforts are being made to turn the state into a business hub and boost job opportunities.

The Prime Minister accused the Congress and the CPI(M) of promoting violence and corruption. He said the Left and Congress are doing 'kusti' (fight) in Kerala and 'dosti' (friendship) in Tripura.

Terming the Left-Congress seat sharing strategy as ‘unholy’, PM Modi said, “Many congress leaders were killed during the Left regime in Tripura and so the Congress family will never vote for the Left cadres. All of you need to reject the unholy alliance for the development of Tripura.”

"The Communist rule had pushed Tripura to the brink of destruction. The people of Tripura can never forget the chaotic situation wherein cadres had taken hostage every aspect of life. The Left had treated the people of Tripura as slaves and themselves as kings," PM Modi said, adding that only the BJP brought peace and established rule of law in Tripura.

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