TET 2022 candidate’s stages deputation

Some candidates of TET 2022 are not able to come out of Morginafic Tedition. TRBT thinks so. Some examinees complained that there were many mistakes in their questions. The concerned department wants to publish the final answer sheet evaluation list without giving star marks in them. When I approached the office many times about this, nothing was done. So they again approached the controller of the concerned department on Friday. But it turned out that the controller was busy and asked them to wait.

They sit at the main gate of the office for a long time. They have to pay all the starmarks to the claim office. Because many questions were out of syllabus and were wrong. They said that they are approaching the office about this matter. Out of thousands of TET candidates only 20-25 go for deputation. As far as the news is concerned, some candidates on social media are calling all the candidates to come on one stage for the movement but no one is coming because the interpretation of those examinees is very different. But later that day, Controller P Ranjan Dev said that some of the examinees had met and talked about Ansar Key five times before and later talked to the chairman. All office rules are explained. And he made it clear today that he will not be able to create Mangra Ansar key office for some candidates by going outside the rules. Therefore, the Department has no right to dictate the opinion given by the subject matter experts.

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