Nabadal Banik visits AD Nagar Industrial Estate

Chairman of TIDC Nabadal Banik visited the Arundhati Nagar Industrial Estate on Tuesday. During his visit he talked with the industrialists and enquired about the conditions of the Arundhati Nagar Industrial Estate. He also called for joint workmanship of Tripura Industrial Development Corporation in the state in the upcomming days.

From the legislator of the area to the police administration, if everyone is aware of this, there is no action. So the locals demanded that the chairman's visit be fruitful. Then the chairman talked to the police to take strict measures to restore orderly environment in the area. Besides, the residents demanded to provide security personnel and street lights. Area MLA Meena Rani spoke to the government and discussed how to provide employment. Nabadal Banik participated in an event organized later. Speaking on the occasion, he said that some projects are going on in this industrial area. He said that he had come to inspect the work of the project.

Talk to the police officer to arrange security personnel to maintain orderly environment in the area. He also informed that the work of the project is going on including the work of street lights. Apart from this, the department will work for industrial loans. And will try to solve the problem of drinking water quickly, said Nabadal merchant. Apart from this, he said to the managers of the closed factories that they can discuss with the department how they can reopen the factories. The hope is that there will be provision of employment for the new merchant after the person. Meena Rani Sarkar and prominent people of the area were present in the event.

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