Torrential Rains Trigger Flood Warnings in Sydney, Australia

In Australia, torrential rains battered the southeast part of the country today, April 5 dumping almost a month’s worth of rainfall on Sydney and triggering flood warnings. Authorities have urged people to avoid non-essential travel and stay indoors.

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology said, Sydney, which is home to more than 5 million people, received 111 millimetres of rainfall over the past 24 hours. The heavy rains damaged rail equipment at a major train station in Sydney, delaying morning commuters. Emergency crews in New South Wales received more than 500 calls, and seven people were rescued from flood waters as warnings were issued for several rivers in the east.

 The weather bureau said, rains could intensify through the day today with up to 200 millimetres expected in some regions before a coastal trough drifts east towards the Tasman Sea tomorrow.

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