Opposition leader disappointed with the money allocated for ADC from the budget

On July 7, Finance Minister Pranajit Singh Roy presented the state's budget for the fiscal year 2023-24. The budget is 27 thousand 654 crore four lakh rupees. But 35 percent of the state's people live in ADCs. Only 2.7 percent of the budget has been allocated for them. Opposition leader Animesh Debbarma said this at a press conference in the Legislative Assembly on Sunday. He said that since 35 percent of people live in ADC areas, 35 percent of the budget should be allocated for ADCs.

But the government instead allocated 2.7 percent of the money. That is, 672 crore rupees have been allocated by the government for ADC. Of this, Rs 580 crore will go towards salary and pension of ADC employees. Then there will be 92 crores for development. But from this money, if 25 crores are paid for 25 offices of ADC, then only 25 crores will be left. Then there will be only five crore rupees for development. But ADC has 1183 km of roads. All the roads are broken. Funds are needed to rehabilitate these roads. One crore rupees are required to build every kilometer of road. Animesh Debbarma raised the question of how development work will be possible with only five crore rupees left at the end. But for those who complain about the development of ADC and corruption, the question is how will the development be done with this five crore rupees? Anyway, Animesh Debbarma wants to show how much development ADC will have with this money in the coming days.

The opposition leader tried to warm the ears of the people of the state by bringing up the topic of seeing the blue picture of Jadav Lal Nath again in the press conference. After winning the people's vote and going to the assembly, the ruckus made by some of the opposition party legislators on the first day of the assembly session really tarnished the assembly that day. Although the grounds were not heated before the assembly session on the issue of seeing the blue picture of Jadav Lal Nath, the opposition made a ruckus in the assembly on the issue of Jadav Lal Nath without speaking to the people that day. The leader of the opposition party said in a press conference again on the issue of Jadav Lal Nath that the chief minister said that such jungle raj destroys the honor of the holy assembly. But Animesh questioned why the Chief Minister did not speak against Jadav Lal Nath. He also said that the people of the state will judge it. But the people of the state want the legislators to speak for the people, so that some members do not try to flop the assembly session.





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