Heavy rain in Germany causes flooding and leads to flight cancelations in Frankfurt

Heavy rain in parts of Germany has caused flooding that inundated streets and led to dozens of flight cancellations at country’s busiest Frankfurt airport.

 According to reports, the storm swept over southwest Germany yesterday evening, dumping huge quantities of water and reportedly unleashing lightning for about an hour.

 Frankfurt airport spokesman today said, it was forced to cancel 90 flights while 23 more were re-routed to land at other airports. Some passengers slept on camp beds while many spent the night at the airport hotel.

 The fire service said, it launched more than 500 operations from yesterday evening to today morning related to the storm.

 It said, streets, cellars and lower-lying residential areas were rapidly flooded, while trees toppled over, hitting vehicles. The storm also affected other areas, with Gelsenkirchen, in the region North Rhine-Westphalia, hard hit.

 Emergency service workers rescued people from vehicles at several highway underpasses.

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