Ramprasad castigates Left over political violence; appeals to shun violence

The ruling BJP party’s winning candidate from Suryamaninagar assembly constituency Ramprasad Paul, Saturday held the CPI(M) and its Left front responsible for political violence across the state.

Addressing a press conference here at Agartala Press Club on Saturday evening, Paul said, “The Left had given birth to the political terror and violence, which the BJP during the last five years had reduced it by 90 percent.”

“Unleashing political violence is the culture of the Left front and following this the people of this state had voted for the BJP,” he said, adding that the BJP party workers were already instructed to walk away from any kind of political violence in the state.

The BJP leader on Saturday announced to open a private run club in an aim to attract more donors towards blood donation and reduce the crisis of blood.

He said, “The club would work to bridge the communication between donors and patients in need of blood. We believe that this would help to solve many problems that we could see in many occasions, where people donate blood but those which are kept in the blood banks become of no use at one point of time and as a result patients are deprived from the required blood.”

He informed that some whatsapp numbers will be available from the club’s end for both the donors and the patients. Patients who require blood can easily make access to the whatsapp numbers and following this people who are ready to donate blood voluntarily can easily connect with the patients and donate their blood.


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