Voting for the presidential election also took place in Tripura

Voting for the election of All India Congress President was held in Tripura on Monday.  Peaceful  voting in secret ballot. An All India President of the Congress is elected every five years. But there was no vote for almost 22 years because there was only one candidate. Finally, two candidates are in the fray for the post of president this year. One of them is Shashi Tharoor and the other is Mallikarjun Kharge.

Votes for the post of All India President were taken in various states across the country on Monday. About 10,000 voters cast their votes. Voting was also held in Tripura. Polling started this morning at the state Congress Bhawan. Voting will continue till 4 pm. 64 people voted including 60 members of the Pradesh Congress Committee. Among them are Pradesh Congress President Birjit Sinha, MLA Sudip Roy Barman, former Chief Minister Sameer Ranjan Barman. After voting, President Birjit Sinha said that the ballot box will go to Delhi by plane in the afternoon. 19th will be counted. MLA Sudip Roy Barman said, Congress is a worshiper of democracy.

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