Three US service members killed and 34 injured in drone strike by militant groups on a US base in northeast Jordan

Three US service members were killed and at least 34 injured in a drone strike carried out by radical Iran-backed militant groups on a US base in northeast Jordan, US officials said. It is the first time that a strike has killed US troops in the region since Hamas's October 7 attack on Israel. President Biden has vowed to hold those responsible for the attack to account for it. A US official said that the attack took place overnight at Tower 22, a small outpost near the Syrian border. The drone struck living quarters for the troops, contributing to the high casualties.

Jordan says the attack took place in Syria, not inside Jordan. It is not clear who is behind this latest attack. A Jordanian government spokesman, Muhannad Moubaideen said that the attack targeted the al-Tanf base in Syria. 

Iran's mission to the United Nations said that Tehran was not involved in the attack that killed three US service members in northeastern Jordan near the Syrian border. In a statement, the mission said that Iran has no connection and has nothing to do with the attack on the US base. Iran said, there is a conflict between US forces and resistance groups in the region, which reciprocate retaliatory attacks.

Last month, the US carried out air strikes against Iran-affiliated groups after three US service members were injured, one critically, in a drone attack on a base in northern Iraq. US and coalition troops are also stationed in the Red Sea after the Iran-backed Houthis began attacking commercial ships in the region.

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