CM Dr. Manik Saha attends ‘Griha Prabesh’ of newly constructed MLA Hostel

Agartala, May 05: Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha on Friday attended the ‘Griha Prabesh’ ceremony of the newly constructed MLA Hostel here at Agartala and said that there is a world beyond differences in politics. Assembly Speaker Biswabandu Sen, Deputy Speaker Ramprasad Paul, Minister Ratanlal Nath, Finance Minister Pranajit Singha Ray along with other council Of ministers were present in the ceremony.

“We may have differences in politics but there is a world beyond that. MLAs of all parties can live together in this new MLA residence. It is definitely a new opportunity,” CM Dr. Saha said. The Chief Minister also suggested for the formulation of rules regarding the stay of MLAs in residence. He congratulated all those involved in the construction of this new MLA residence.

Meanwhile, the Leader of the Opposition Animesh Debbarma, in his speech emphasized on the maintenance and cleanliness of the new residence. The new MOA Hostel is equipped with a library, reading room, three meeting halls, separate gyms for women and men, two common dining rooms and kitchens, lobby, reception, waiting room and paper reading room and information centre.

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