‘Agartala turned to a destruction centre in the name of Smart City’: Manik Sarkar after AMC’s eviction drive

Agartala, Nov 22: The leader of opposition and the former Chief Minister of the then Left front government Manik Sarkar Tuesday slammed the BJP government and the Agartala Municipal Corporation (AMC) over the eviction drive made on Tuesday to bulldoze the illegally encroached shops at Battala area.

“The Agartala has been turned into a destruction centre by the AMC in the Smart City project work, which is unacceptable,” Sarkar told reporters during his visit to the bulldozed shops here at Agartala Battala area.

In a move to free the streets from congestion and also to restrict water logging during monsoon, the AMC on Tuesday as part of the Agartala Smart City Mission Project work bulldozed at least eight shops which were illegally encroaching the area from Battala Shiv Bari temple towards Dashamighat. The eviction drive also sparked resentment among the shop owners.


“The helpless shop owners were not given any prior information except the mic announcement on Monday night for a while. Moreover, before the shop owners could free their shops, those were bulldozed all of a sudden leaving the helpless shop owners who were for 70 years in business, in tears,” Sarkar told reporters.

Meanwhile, the AMC Mayor Dipak Majumder reacted sharply to the statement of Manik Sarkar and said, “There has been no developmental work under the Agartala Smart City project during the time of the previous Left front government, because the government earlier never wanted development.”

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