Newborn baby died due to the doctor's negligence

Once again, a newborn baby died in the maternity ward due to the doctor's capriciousness. The incident took place in Teliamura subdivision Hospital premises. It is to be noted that due to the absence of the doctor Partha Talapatra on duty and the negligence of the staff nurse Prabas Dev on duty at Teliamura subdivision hospital, a newborn baby died in the maternity ward.

According to the details of the incident, Aparna Biswas, the wife of Tapas Roy of Moharchhara under Teliamura police station, suddenly started labor pains and was rushed to the Teliamura subdivision hospital at around 3 pm on Saturday. The doctor on duty immediately admitted Aparna Biswas with first aid. But at around 5 am on Sunday morning, as she felt labor pains once again, the two assistant nurses on duty immediately took Aparna Biswas to the maternity ward. However, Dr. Partha Talapatra, the doctor on duty at the sub-district hospital, was not present, which caused anger in the family. As a result, the newborn baby died while giving birth on the table of the maternity department, according to family sources.

Later, after a long time, when the doctor on duty appeared at the maternity department, the news spread that the baby died, the family started screaming and shouting. Later on Sunday around 11 am, a written complaint was filed by the family against the negligence and unnecessary actions of the doctor and the staff nurses on duty at Teliamura police station. In this regard, when Dr. Partha Talapatra was questioned about the death of the child in the maternity department, he completely avoided and denied this matter.


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