AR flags of national integration tour for students

Assam Rifles under the aegis of Agartala Sector of Assam Rifles flagged off the National Integration Tour for Assam Rifles Public School Students from Agartala (Tripura) to Rajkot (Gujarat) on 14 December 2023 which will culminate on 30 December 2023.

The Officiating Commandant of the Battalion flagged off the National Integration Tour from Agartala to Rajkot. A total of 20 students and 02 staff of Assam Rifles Public School, Agartala and Udaipur along-with 01 Junior Commission Officer and 02 other ranks of Assam Rifles, Agartala constituted the tour. The aim of organising the tour is to provide a platform for orientation and nurturing of youth in various disciplines such as National Integration, Social Harmony and Religious harmony.

The tour party embarked from Agartala by train on 14 December 23 and will reach Rajkot (Gujarat) via Jabalpur on 17 Dec 2023. The students and staff will be part of 24th Rashtra Katha Shivir at Pransla, Rajkot organised by Shri Vedic Mission Trust for 08 days i.e from 17 Dec to 24 Dec 23. Post attending the 24th Rashtra Katha Shivir, party will return via the same route and will reach Agartala on 30 Dec 2023.

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