Congress calls to boycott ‘farced exit poll’ by BJP

Soon after the publication of exit poll for the state’s assembly election, the opposition Congress party MLA and veteran party leader Sudip Roy Barman on Monday termed the exit poll published by a section of national media as ‘farce’ by the BJP party.

Addressing a press conference here at the party office on Monday the Congress leader Sudip Roy Barman accused the BJP party and alleged, “This exit polls is a farce by the BJP party to confuse and provoke the people of Tripura, who in fact voted against them and their misrule.”

“Worried about their defeat, the BJP party brought a slot from the national media in exchange of crores of money to showcase the party’s win in the exit poll,” he said, adding that the ruling party will not be able to cross single digit in this election.

He said, “The ruling BJP is making an attempt to put pressure on the opposition counting agents on the day of poll counting and of course they are in an attempt to unleash violence on innocent people after the poll result by showcasing such farce exit polls.”

He however appealed to the people of Tripura to boycott the ‘farced’ exit poll, which has no line with any facts and means to destabilize the state with political violence. “I appeal to all the BJP karyakartas not to fall prey to such exit polls and take law in their hand after the poll counting.”

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