30 year old man arrested with brown sugar

Agartala: Dec 03: A 30 year old man arrested with brown sugar in the capital today. Allegedly, various drugs are being sold illegally daily in the city. Some of the youth are wasted under the influence of drugs. They are being led astray. Anti-narcotics operation is constantly going on in the East West police station area of the capital. The police are getting success in the operation.

 Based on secret information, the operation is being conducted in different places. On Friday night, brown sugar was recovered in the city on the basis of secret information. The police launched an operation in Battala area on Friday night.

 A young suspect was arrested. The name of the arrested youth is Balaram Roy (30) of Rajnagar area. Brown sugar was recovered from him during the search. The young man was brought to the West Police Station. Sadar Sub-Divisional Police Officer said that the recovered brown sugar was worth Rs. He was forwarded to the court on Saturday.

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