First Helicopter Service between Churachandpur & Mualpui Helipad, Aizawl started under Union Ministry of Home Affairs’ helicopter service scheme

In a major boost to the connectivity sector in the North East, the first helicopter service between Churachandpur and the Mualpui Helipad at Aizawl in Mizoram has started on Wednesday under the Union Ministry of Home Affairs’ helicopter service scheme.

In the inaugural flight on Wednesday, ten passengers boarded the flight from Churachandpur to Aizawl while five passengers boarded the returned flight. The normal flight duration is about 40 minutes.

The State Government has fixed the fare between Churachandpur to Aizawl at 4500 rupees while the fare between Aizawl to Churachandpur is 6000 rupees. The helicopter service is being operated by M/s Global Vectra Helicorp Limited (GVHL).

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