Ananya Panday recalls when Sara Ali Khan threatened to ‘beat her up’ over a guy

The latest episode of season 8 of Koffee with Karan saw Sara Ali Khan and Ananya Panday come together on the couch for the first time. The young duo spoke candidly about their friendship, professional goals, and personal lives.

At one point Ananya Panday revealed that there had been a time when both of them were interested in the same guy and Sara Ali Khan had literally threatened her to stay away.

It all began when Sara said she doesn’t have unrealistic expectations from anyone in the film industry. She said she isn’t expecting anyone to say ‘I won’t look at a boy that you like or I won’t do a film that you’re interested in.’

Responding to this Ananya said, “Sara has threatened me saying I’ll beat you up if you look at this person, on various occasions.” Failing to recollect, Sara asked her ‘who’. She also asked if it worked for her. “It has worked. I listened to this threat,” Ananya laughed. Ananya also added, “I had zero interest but she threatened me.”

Sara Ali Khan also spoke about relationships and how fickle the industry was. She said, “Something I have realised without sounding semi-negative, is that there are no permanent predicaments in this business. In my personal experience, there is no point making permanent best friendships, pinky promises, saying I’ll never talk to you again. All these nevers and always nahi hota (doesn’t happen),” she concluded.

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