First time NE Tripura to participate in International Expo in Dubai

Agartala, March 07: Tripura's own Start-Up company is all set to participate in the International Expo in Dubai, which started from October 1, 2021. The expo will end on March 31.The chairman of the Tripura Industrial Development Corporation Limited (TIDCL) Tinku Roy on Monday said that along with the rest of the state of the country, the Northeastern states including Tripura will showcase their own items in the Indian Pavilion in Dubai from March 4 till March 17.

Addressing a press conference today, the TIDCL Chairman also informed that, a government job can only build one self-dependent family, but one successful entrepreneur can build the whole society self-dependent and take it forward. “There are lots of scope even in Tripura which is rich with resources and has efficient workers. The state is not behind in any way but is forging ahead in equal rhythm, Roy said,

 Adding that the Prime Minister's encouragement regarding Start-Up during the Covid-19 situation has brought forward many individuals from different sections. The young generation are giving importance to build Start-Ups.” TIDC Chairman informed that production in every sector of the state has increased. “Importance has to be given in building small Start-Ups from the beginning. With increase in production, exports will also increase.

Earlier, before 2018, there used to be an export worth 8-9 crore rupees from the state, which has presently hiked up to 200 crore rupees,” he stated. However, for the first time, a Start-Up company from Tripura, iLogitron Technologies Pvt Ltd. has got the chance to participate in World Expo in Dubai making the state proud. Roy said that this company has created two devices to conserve water and electricity which is very time-efficient.

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