Israel warns Lebanon’s Hezbollah militant group as it joins Palestinian Hamas attack; Over 500 people killed both sides so far

Amid ongoing escalation between Israel and Hamas, Lebanon’s Hezbollah militant group fired dozens of rockets today at three Israeli positions in a disputed area along the country’s border with Syria’s Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. The group said in a statement that the attack was in solidarity with the Palestinian people. In response to this, Israel's military fired back at the Lebanese areas and warned Lebanon's Hezbollah movement not to get involved in the fighting.

 Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has threatened to turn Gaza into a deserted island. He asked its residents to leave now. Earlier, the Israel Defence Forces launched Operation Swords of Iron after the death toll in the Hamas attack rose to more than 300 and 1,500 injured. In response to the deadly attacks, the Israel Defence Forces launched Operation hitting 17 military compounds and four operational command centres belonging to Hamas in the Gaza Strip killing more than 230 people. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu strongly attacked Hamas and declared war. As per reports, the Israeli Mayor, and head of the Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Council, Ofir Liebstein, was also killed in the deadly rocket fire. Several Israelis have also been held as hostages in Gaza.

Meanwhile, World leaders have also condemned the ghastly attack on Israel by Hamas terrorists. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed solidarity with Israel and said that India's thoughts and prayers are with the innocent victims and their families. US President Joe Biden said that there is never any justification for terrorism, adding that Washington stands firmly with the Government and people of Israel. Biden also held talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and affirmed full support for Israel's right to self-defence. In a statement, UK PM Rishi Sunak expressed his shock over the attack.

 Following the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel, India's Representative Office to Palestine has asked all Indian nationals in Ramallah to directly contact the office in case of emergency or if any assistance is needed. The Representative Office also provided a 24-hour emergency helpline. In a social media post, India's Representative Office to Palestine said, in light of the prevailing security situation, Indian nationals in Palestine can directly contact the Representative Office of India to address any case of emergency or needed assistance on the 24-hour Emergency Helpline: Jawwal: 0592-916418, WhatsApp:970-59291641.

Earlier, the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas launched a surprise large-scale attack by firing a barrage of rockets into southern and central Israel. Earlier on Saturday, a barrage of rocket fire began from Gaza into Israel, hitting several cities including Tel Aviv, Rehovot, Gedera, and Ashkelon. This was followed by several Hamas terrorists entering Israel from the Gaza Strip and taking over Israeli towns. According to media reports, Hamas military commander Muhammad Al-Deif called the operation Al-Aqsa Storm and said that the assault on Israel was a response to attacks on women, the desecration of the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, and the ongoing siege of Gaza.



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