Bangladesh's tortured female footballers now under serious threats

In Bangladesh, female footballers of Khulna were beaten for wearing shorts during practice. The incident happened on the 29th of July in Khulna Division when four girls - Sadia Nasrin, Mangali Bagchi, Hajera Khatun, and Jui- all members of the under-17 Khulna divisional football team came under attack by a group of people for wearing shorts and playing football.

The attackers further threatened them with acid attacks besides, harming their families and filing false cases against them, said the victims. The girls are now passing each day fearing for their lives and concerned for the safety of their family members.

Before the incident happened, at least 30 players used to join the daily practice at the academy, now barely 10-15 players come, said one of the victim footballers Hajera Khatun.

Thirty-five women's organisations across Bangladesh yesterday condemned the misogynistic attack on female footballers and demanded stern action against all culprits. The organisations formed a human chain in front of Khulna Press Club and also submitted an application to the Home Minister, demanding justice for the victims and exemplary punishment for the attackers.

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