Again a minor victim of gang rape!! Among the accused, one is arrested, two are absconding

It is alleged that three youths kidnapped the minor girl and gang-raped her in the park Incident at Tepaniya Eco Park.  An accused has been arrested by the police of Radhakishorpur police station.  The other two are still at large.

In the details of the incident, it is known that a young man made a love relationship with a minor in Udaipur on social media and Facebook since last 6 months.

On Thursday, accused Sohail Mia called the minor girl to meet her accordingly, the minor girl went to Tepaniya Ecopark without telling anyone at home to visit her.

He went there and found three young men waiting for him The minor girl is somewhat suspicious of their behavior It is alleged that when the girl tried to come home after realizing this, three young men took her to a secluded place with sharp weapons and gang-raped her. Then the three youths took the girl to Rajarbagh area and threw her out of the car and ran away

After the girl went home and told everything to the family, the matter came to the fore Then a complaint was filed against the three youths after coming to RK Pur Mahila Police Station Meanwhile, after getting the news of this incident, an organization came and demanded strict punishment of the accused But they allege that three youths molested them Police today arrested a young man and two others are absconding The police are investigating the incident whether it is gang rape or molestation.

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