Left front alleges of political violence by BJP in Tripura; demands action

 Day after the declaration of the poll results, the Left front on Friday accused the ruling BJP party of unleashing political violence across the state.

The Left front convenor Narayan Kar in his press statement on Friday stated, “The BJP continued its political violence just as they did in 2018.”

“At a time when the counting was underway on Friday, the saffron brigades tried to disrupt the counting and the declaration of the result in some parts of the state as they could smell their defeat,” the statement reads.

Kar further alleged, “The result of this assembly election is inconsistent with the expression of the common people of Tripura in the face of the misrule of Tripura for the last five years. The results of the polls clearly show that 60 percent of Tripura’s electorate has expressed their opinion against the BJP. It is a sign of distrust of the largest section of the people against the government.”

Appreciating and thanking the voters who voted for the candidates of anti-BJP, the Left front convenor in his statement said, “Due to the division of anti-BJP votes among various non-BJP political parties, the BJP managed to win a majority of seats to form government.”

The Left front convenor however demanded for strict action against the BJP goon involved with the political violence taking across the state.


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