India’s abstention from UN vote on Gaza truce ‘shocking’: Manik Sarkar

The former Chief Minister of then Left front government Manik Sarkar on Wednesday condemned the refusal of the Indian government to vote for the UN General Assembly resolution calling for humanitarian ceasefire, protection to all civilians and immediate humanitarian aid.

Addressing a blood donation programme at Sonamura on Wednesday morning, Sarkar slammed India’s stand at the United Nations when a resolution calling for ending the war was put to vote.

He said, “India's abstaining from voting on a United National Resolution calling for a truce in Gaza is shocking and shows that it is shaping its foreign policy as "a subordinate ally of US imperialism.”

“While standing with the UN resolution demands, the Central Committee expressed its solidarity with the suffering people of Palestine against the genocidal war being waged by Israel brazenly flouting all international laws,” he said.

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