Several Innovative and Unique Campaigns Initiated by Election Commission To Engage Young And Urban Voters For Enhanced Participation In Upcoming Elections

The Election Commission has initiated several innovative and unique campaigns on social media platforms to engage young and urban voters for enhanced participation in the upcoming elections. The poll body through campaigns like ‘Turning18’ and ‘You are the One’ is employing tailored messaging strategy incorporating compelling themes, collaboration with popular ECI icons and GenZ content.

The primary objective of ECI’s Turning 18’ campaign is to galvanize youngsters to participate in the upcoming elections and address the critical issues of urban and youth apathy noticed in previous elections.

On the other hand, ‘You are the One campaign aims to recognize and celebrate the invaluable contributions of various stakeholders involved in the electoral process.

The Election Commission has also started a special campaign to curtail fake-news and misinformation on election processes. Currently, ECI has social media presence on major platforms including Facebook, Instagram, X, YouTube with recent additions of Public App, WhatsApp Channel, and LinkedIn.

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