College girl gang-raped: Two held

Delhi's Nirbhaya incident casts shadow on Tripura state. A college student was allegedly gang-raped for hours in a car by exploiting the failure of the police. And this incident took place in the city of Agartala. Although this incident was organized last Monday, it came to light on Wednesday night.

Finally, when the matter came to the attention of the media, it was brought before the people of the state. Currently, this student of Ramthakur College is under treatment in GB Hospital. According to the details of the incident, a young man named Gautam Sharma picked up this 22-year-old college student in a car on the pretext of delivering her home from the college on Monday. Then until 11:30 at night, the girl was allegedly gang-raped by beating her and making her unconscious by taking tablets. And from the afternoon, the family members became worried after not getting any news of the college girl. In the end, Amtali police station was approached, but no cooperation was extended from the police.

At around 12:30 am, the girl's girlfriend called the people of the house and told them that her daughter was abandoned in the bypass area. After receiving information, they were rescued from the spot and taken to GB Hospital. The mentally disturbed young woman said that a young man named Gautam Sharma and his companions picked her up from the college in the name of taking her home by car. He was beaten and fed tablets in the car. After that three people along with the driver brutally tortured him. Later, when the GB Police outpost was informed about the physical torture from the GB Hospital, the report was immediately sent to the Amtali Police Station. Then the police began to investigate. After receiving a written complaint from the family, the main accused in the incident, Gautam Sharma, was arrested from Maheshkhala area on Wednesday night.

Ashish Dasgupta, SDPO in charge of Amtali and Sadar, said that a written complaint was given by the family on Wednesday afternoon about the incident. The police investigated and found the loss of call records of the accused's mobile phone. The house of the student who was a victim of brutal lust is in Kanthalatali area. Accused Gautam Sharma's house is in Daspara area. Gautam Sharma is the boyfriend of the injured student's elder sister. The whole incident has spread sensation. Now to see when the police was able to burn the remaining two accused in the gangrape case. The locals have demanded strict punishment against the accused. Gautam Sharma was produced in court on Thursday and sent to five-day police remand. Accused Gautam Sharma will be taken to court again on May 15. Lawyer Vidyut Sutradhar said this. Meanwhile, questions are being raised about the responsibilities of the Women's Commission in the state. Such incidents have shown civilized society the inaction of the Women's Commission. The administration will not be able to draw the rays of such incidents by sitting in the cold rooms and only holding awareness camps. If the police and the Women's Commission come forward and take strict action, then many women will be spared from this incident.

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