Arunachal Pradesh Police, first solo major operation conducted against insurgent group successfully seized; destroyed one camp ENNG in Changlang District

Arunachal Pradesh Police (APP), in its first solo major operation conducted against an insurgent group, successfully seized and destroyed one camp of the Eastern Naga National Government (ENNG) insurgent group in Changlang District along Indo-Myanmar Border today. APP in a release has stated that the nefarious activities of ENNG have been on its radar for a few months now.

Accordingly, on receipt of information of a camp in the general area of Lungpang, Rima Putok Circle in Changlang District, near the Indo-Myanmar Border, an Arunachal Pradesh Police team launched assault on the ENNG camp today. Consequently, the underground cadres were reported to have fled the camp.

Upon investigation, police recovered arms and ammunitions, and other items from the site. Later, the team burnt down camp.

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