Enforcement Agencies Make Record Seizure of Over Four Thousand 650 Crore Rupees Before Lok Sabha Poll Commences

The Enforcement Agencies have made a record seizure of over four thousand 650 crore rupees before the first phase of polling for the 18th Lok Sabha elections commences on Friday. Election Commission has said, this marks a sharp increase over three thousand 475 crore rupees seized during the entire Lok Sabha election in 2019. The Commission said, 45 per cent of the seizures are of drugs and narcotics. It said, the seizures have been possible by comprehensive planning, scaled-up collaboration and unified deterrence action from agencies and proactive citizen participation. The Election Commission stated that one hundred crore rupees seizure was made each day since 1st March of this year.

The commission said, the enhanced seizures reflect Election Commission’s unwavering commitment to monitor inducements and curb electoral malpractices for a level playing field, particularly in favour of smaller and less resourceful parties. The seizures are a critical part of Election Commission resolve to conduct the Lok Sabha elections free of inducements and electoral malpractices and to ensure a level playing field. The commission has also taken strict action against 106 government servants who have been found assisting politicians in campaigning, thereby violating the Code of Conduct and instructions.

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