10,323 announced Bidhan Sabha Chalo Abhiyan

Last September 21, a demand was made to the members of the Legislative Assembly to take a decision to send 10,323 dismissed teachers in the September 23 Legislative session. But for not taking any constructive role, 10,323 dismissed teachers Bijay Krishna Saha said in a press conference in front of the Agartala Press Club on Saturday that their problem has become dire. So far 139 of their dismissed teachers have passed away. The Assembly elections that are going on before 2023 demanded that the government take a decision in the Assembly session on September 23 to take a favorable role for them.

But no decision has been announced regarding the 10,323 sacked teachers from the beginning to the end of the first day of the assembly session. He said that the dismissed teachers were shocked. So on Saturday 10,323 sacked teachers after a day-long marathon meeting unanimously decided after the end of the assembly session on September 26, the sacked teachers will organize a campaign called Bidhan Sabha Chalo Abhiyan. Dismissed teacher Bijay Krishna Saha said that the Bidhan Sabha Chalo Abhiyan will be organized in front of the Rabindra Satabarshiki Bhawan at 10 am.

He also said that on that day the assembly will be conducted in a democratic manner. He also demanded the members of the opposition party to raise the issue of dismissed teachers in the assembly session that day that the government is forced to take a supportive role. The organized press conference was attended by dismissed teachers Kamal Dev, Dalia Das, Ajay Debbarma and other dismissed teachers.


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