BJP’s Janajati Morcha walked for Raj Bhawan Abhiyan alleging financial irregularities in TTAADC

The Janajati Morcha of the ruling BJP party on Thursday walked on a ‘Raj Bhawan Abhiyan’ complaining of financial irregularities in TTAADC. A large number of people belonging to the tribal communities including a woman folk marched on the rally here at Agartala.

Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha accompanied by the deputy Chief Minister Jishnu dev Verma, former Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb, MP Rebati Tripura, Tribal Welfare Minister Rampada Jamatia among others joined the rally.

Addressing a rally on Thursday, the deputy Chief Minister Jishnu Dev Verma attacked the administration of the TTAADC and said, “Over 40 per cent of the state’s budget is earmarked for the development in ADCs.” He took a jibe at the TTAADC administration and rubbished the allegation of ‘limited’ fund flow made by the deputy CEM Animesh Debbarma.

Debbarma on Wednesday last alleged that not even 2% of the state’s budgetary allocation is earmarked for TTAADC. He denied the BJP’s allegation of financial irregularities in TTAADC and said that BJP is in an attempt to defame the TTAADC and TIPRA Motha by making false allegations.

“When CPIM was in power, TAADC’s total budget was Rs 1,155 crore which has been increased by the BJP. So far, the TTAADC has received Rs 1,881 Crore from the state government. There is a leap of Rs 726 crore. Now, let me ask – where the money is going?,” Jishnu questioned.

He said, “The total budget of the state stands at Rs 26,000 crore. Around 42 to 43 per cent of total budgetary allocations are for building roads, schools and other infrastructure in the tribal belt.”

Jishnu Dev Verma also slammed the TIPRA Motha party and said, “Most of the time the CEM including his Deputy and EMs are seen in the royal palace addressing press conferences when someone joins their party. These are not signs of a responsible political party.”

Meanwhile, addressing the rally the Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha claimed that it is the only BJP government, which is working to ensure enhancement of the livelihood of the indigenous tribes of the state. 

Chief Minister Dr Manik Saha, who had also addressed the rally, said, “If there is any political party that has worked for the Janajati people of the country, it is BJP. I have attended three events in a row at Takarjala, Jampuijala and other such villages where most of the population belong to Janajati communities. They are very happy with the work of the BJP.”

The Deputy CEM of the TTAADC Animesh Debbarma on Wednesday last asked the BJP to probe the allegation of irregularities in TTAADC and said, “If the BJP has any evidence with them regarding the irregularities of fund in TTAADC, then let the people of this state know about it.”

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