Tripura girl Pragna Saha eyes on winning crown in modelling

Meet Pragna Saha, a mother of a 5 years old son, who embarked on a journey of modelling to win the crown.

The 35-year old mother Pragna Saha, having a childhood passion of modelling is born and brought up at Agartala did her schooling from the town. Graduated from Kolkata with Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) degree, Pragna came back to her hometown to be with her parents before she was married in the year 2014 and then settled in Kolkata’s Madur Daha.

Surviving with her 5-years old son and her husband, a doctor by profession and her in-laws in Kolkata – Pragna closed her clinic in Kolkata to be with her son and family.

Later with an extensive support from her husband and family members indeed Pragna embarked on a journey of her childhood passion of being a model.  

In an exclusive interview with the correspondent of Pragna said, “I have chosen the social media platform to start my journey of modelling in June 2023 last, where I posted my first portfolio in my social media handle and then it started.”

“Since June 2023, I started posting my portfolios one after another till I got calls from many agencies in Kolkata. Presently I am working with at least five agencies, where I am mostly focused on clothing and jewelleries to showcase my talent,” she added.

She said, “I am extremely delighted to see my fashion in the hoardings, which were erected during the time of Durga Puja along the streets of Kolkata.”

It is never too late to pursue one's dreams or become the person one aspires to be, regardless of the past or the stage of life one is in and that’s how the 35 years old mother Pragna Saha is embarking on her journey of modelling.    

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