Dr Mohamed Muizzu wins Presidential elections in Maldives

Dr. Mohamed Muizzu of the opposition PPM PNC coalition has won the Presidential elections in Maldives. In the provisional results, Dr. Muizzu was shown to have polled over 53 per cent of the votes. As per the laws, at least 50% vote is necessary for a candidate to emerge victorious.

The provisional results of Yesterday’s elections tallied by various media outlets in the archipelago nation of Maldives showed Dr. Muizzu winning the popular vote. Ibrahim Mohammed Solih of the ruling MDP increased his support from 39% in the first round to 46% in the runoff, but fell short of the necessary 50% to win. Taking to X, the President elect thanked all those who voted for him and called for the release of Abdulla Yameen who is serving an 11 year sentence on charges of Corruption. Mr. Solih also congratulated Dr. Muizzu and expressed gratitude to the Maldivian people for the democratic example they set in the elections.  Mr. Solih had won the last election in 2018 by a landslide, amid widespread anger over human rights abuses and corruption under his predecessor. The vote for change in the Maldives comes after a strong anti-incumbency sentiment and riding on a vitriolic campaign against the Mr. Solih’s policies.

Earlier yesterday, polling was held at over 570 polling stations from 8 am till 5 pm local time. The turnout in the second round improved to 86% from the 78% reported in the first round.

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