TSF stages protest in front of Secretariat

On the first day of the Assembly session on Friday, the TSF joined the protest demanding that all matters be written in Roman script. They said that the government should provide an opportunity to write in Roman letters. It is the right of the people. They said that the movement will continue until this demand is met.

Opposition leader Animesh Debbarma raised the issue of irregularities in secondary school examinations conducted by the education board this year in the assembly session. He said that on March 18, the candidates were forced to write in skip Bengali in the secondary school examination. Writing in English and Devanagari characters is not allowed. Therefore, Animesh Debbarma demanded that the present Chief Minister in charge of the State Education Department should consider this matter seriously and arrange re-examination. He also said that those who did not allow the candidates to write in English or Devanagari characters should be identified and demanded immediate dismissal. He also demanded proper investigation. In view of this, the Chief Minister stood in the Assembly and said that he will report the matter in the Assembly on March 28.

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