CM lauds BJP Karyakartas for nationwide victories

Tripura Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha expressed his gratitude for the tireless efforts of the BJP workers, stating that their hard work has resulted in victories for the party across the country.

The Chief Minister today said this after he listened to the valuable speech of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on “Mera Booth Sabse Majboot”.

CM along with the Karyakartas of 8 Town Barodowali Mandal listed the valuable speech of PM Modi at the Arundhati Nagar Community Hall.

The Chief Minister acknowledged that the Karyakartas (workers) are the backbone of the BJP and attributed the party's nationwide success to their dedicated service.

On Facebook CM Dr Saha wrote, “The Karyakartas are the greatest strength of BJP. It is due to the tireless work of the Karyakartas with the spirit of service that the BJP is victorious across the country today. Appreciating their contribution, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the historic “Mera Booth Sabse Majboot” event with participating officials from various states in Madhya Pradesh today with the aim of strengthening booths”,

He further wrote, “Today I listened to the PM Modi’s speech along with the karyakartas of 8- Town Barodowali Mandal at AD Nagar Community Hall. Modi Ji's dedication to the service for India is a source of inspiration for all of us”.

It is worth mentioning that Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently completed nine years of his tenure on May 30.

Throughout this period, the Bharatiya Janata Party has endeavored to showcase the overall development achieved under the Prime Minister's leadership. Prime Minister Modi has left an indelible mark on the country by fulfilling the expectations of its citizens through service, good governance, and the upliftment of the poor.

To commemorate this occasion, Chief Minister Professor Dr. Manik Saha personally engages with the common people in the state, ensuring their voices are heard. Thus, he attended the event alongside party officials to listen to the valuable address by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

During the program, Prime Minister Modi discussed various people-centric projects undertaken by the central government, highlighting their impact on the nation and addressing the activities of opposition parties. On this day, the Prime Minister addressed 10 lakh workers from 543 Lok Sabhas across the country and 64,100 booth workers from Madhya Pradesh. Giant screens were set up through virtual mediums by state BJP committees in different states, enabling people to listen to the Prime Minister's speech. Similar events were also organized at different locations within the state.

Additionally, approximately 3,000 BJP workers, chosen from various assembly constituencies, had the opportunity to interact with the Prime Minister, recognizing their important role in promoting booth empowerment across the country.

Notable personalities present at the event included Agartala Pur Nigam mayor Deepak Majumder, Bharatiya Janata Party state general secretaries Amit Rakshit and Papia Dutta, Sadar Urban president Asim Bhattacharya, and Barodowali Mandal president Sanjay Saha, who joined the Chief Minister in attending the program.

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