Atlee confirms working on script for Shah Rukh Khan-Thalapathy Vijay: Could be my next film

Atlee gave one of the biggest blockbusters of the year with Jawan. He teamed up with Shah Rukh Khan for his debut Hindi film and the duo set the box office on fire. Now, as the director moves on to his next projects, he indicated in an interview that he is working on a script that brings Shah Rukh and Thalapathy Vijay together.

Atlee revealed he invited Vijay to the set of Jawan in Chennai during the shoot of Zinda Banda song. The superstar did visit the team. During his visit to the set, Vijay and Shah Rukh discussed among themselves and requested Atlee to work on a script that allowed them to collaborate.

The director said in the interview, "I called Vijay Anna and invited him to the party, and he said he would make it for sure. So, when he came, Shah Rukh sir and Anna discussed between themselves and called me. Shah Rukh sir told me if I ever have plans of directing a dual hero film, they both are ready for it.

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