5 Rohingyas held from Dharmanagar rail station

Police on Friday held at least five Rohingyas with Indian Aadhaar cards from Dharmanagar rail station.

The detained Rohingyas, including three male and two female, who entered into the Indian territory from Bangladesh were supposed to head towards Jammu & Kashmir, said police. They were identified as Noor Kulima, Mohammad Shah, Rozina Begum, Umrullah and Md Ririan. 

Police said that during the preliminary enquiry, they confessed their arrival from Bangladesh and also they informed that another Ruksar Bibi who were with them managed to abscond soon after reaching here at Agartala.

The five Rohingyas reached at Dharamnagar on May 18 last and they were supposed to head towards Jammu. According to the police, the detained Rohingyas were refugees from the Kutupalan Rohingya camp in Cox’s Bazar of Bangladesh and another Mohammad Alam helped them with Indian Aadhaar card to enter into the Indian territory and reach Dharmanagar.

Each of them arrived at Agartala by paying Rs 25,000 on May 18 last after cutting the barbed-wire fence through Comilla of Bangladesh.

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