PM Modi: India is country with fastest 5G rollout in the world

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that India is moving towards being the biggest exporter of telecom technology in the world from being only a user a few years ago. He underlined that India is the country with the fastest 5G rollout in the world. Mr. Modi stated this while inaugurating the new International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Area Office and Innovation Centre in India during an event in New Delhi.

The Prime Minister said,  5G services have been rolled out in more than 125 cities in just 120 days and the services have reached around 350 districts in the country. Mr. Modi also said that the country is discussing 6G just after six months of the roll out of  5G which shows India's confidence. He announced that the country will set up 100 new 5G labs in the coming days which will help in developing 5G applications as per the unique needs of India.

Highlighting that India's telecom and digital model is smooth, secure, transparent and trusted, he said this decade is India's tech-ade. The Prime Minister asserted that India is now the most connected democracy in the world with more than a hundred crore mobile connections and credited this transformation to the availability of cheap smartphones and data. He said, over 800 crore digital payments are made every month in India through UPI and over seven crore e-authentications take place in India every day. He informed that India has successfully managed to open more bank accounts than the entire population of the USA through the Jan Dhan Yojna.

Underling that telecom technology for India is not a mode of power, but a mission to empower,  the Prime Minister remarked that digital technology is universal in the country and accessible to everyone. He mentioned that broadband connectivity had 60 million users in India before 2014 but that number has gone up to over 800 million today. He further added that the number of internet connections in India is more than 85 crores compared to 25 crores before 2014.

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